Gufram, the Italian design brand that has always distinguished itself with its radical and disruptive approach, has been invited by Samsung to design four new benches for the BAM - Biblioteca degli Alberi Park (Library of the Trees) in Milan, which will be available from January 31 to February 14, 2020. The project has been made possible tanks to the innovative Galaxy Note smartphones technologies.

The brand – which since its birth in 1966, has created icons of design which have become part of the collective imagination thanks to a nonconformist approach based on both aesthetic experimentation and technological research – cooperates with the high-tech colossus in a project which subverts the image and the use of urban furniture with an imaginative look, enabling the public to interact with the space in a manner never seen before.


The first two benches, Cloud Bench surmounted by an enormous white cloud, and Nature Bench with its broad leaves, were presented today, Friday January 31, 2020, and will be available to park visitors until February 6, 2020; on February 7 they will then be replaced  by the Love Bench in the shape of a heart, and by the Family Bench – born from the concept of a female student of the IED Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan.

From January 31 to February 14, 2020
at the BAM - Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano Park. 

As the names themselves evoke, the first two projects draw their inspiration from clouds and from nature, while the other two are an homage to love and the family, underscoring the radical, pop and playful spirit of Gufram.
Dealing with street furniture for the first time, the brand confirms the ability to interpret innovation, creating furnishings which lie outside the canonical schemes of industrial design and overcoming the boundaries of “softness” on this occasion, beginning with an experimentation tied to materials such as cement and metal.


“We are proud to be partners with a company like Samsung for this project dedicated to Milan, the first which sees Gufram dealing with urban furniture”, affirms Charley Vezza, creative director of Gufram. “Given the vision to the future which we share, we welcome with enthusiasm the challenge to imagine objects using the Galaxy Note. It is incredible how, even for unskilled designers like me, it is now possible to make sketches directly on photos, sharing the ideas in real time. This is a powerful tool that opens new avenues to planning and design and to the imagination”.
The idea for the project came from M&CSaatchi and focuses on the Galaxy Note and its S Pen, the perfect tools to design and to make Gufram’s ideas real.
The benches for Milan are thus a tangible example of how creativity can go beyond the bounds of the ordinary and of how imagination can become reality.