now in technicolor!

For the 50th anniversary of GUFRAM’s most prickly icon, everything is illuminated, indeed lively! Including the Guframini CACTUS®, who for the big occasion present themselves with their best mise in a miniaturized version. A concentrate of irreverence on a scale of 1: 8. To celebrate the CACTUS® birthday, therefore, the Guframini METACACTUS® and LEBLEUCACTUS®, ANOTHER GREEN CACTUS® & ANOTHE R WHI T E CACTUS®, ROS SOCACTUS ® a n d NEROCACTUS® arrive! All together (shrunk down) passionately they keep their slightly cheeky nonconformity and their sophisticatedly sexy irony unchanged. 

GUFRAMINI: Icon of Radical Contemporary Design also in 1: 8 scale! Collect Guframini's Gufram. 

Designed in 1972 by the creative mind of the duo Guido Drocco and Franco Mello, CACTUS® perfectly portrays the always avant-garde vision of the Gufram brand, its desire to overcome the limits of design and its Radical Design spirit. A vision that remains intact even in the miniatures of domestic sculptures exhibited in museums around the world. Each mini-reproduction is made of polyurethane foam which is injected into the previously painted mold so as to obtain a unique piece identical to the original: same softness, same colors and same details. Each Guframini is then finished by hand thus becoming a unique piece. ... And above all unrepeatable. Size doesn't always matter!