Gufram pop up in Milano

The icons of Radical design at Salvioni in via Durini

The Gufram universe lands in the heart of Milan and transforms the famous Salvioni store in via Durini into the realm of Radical Design. Here until the beginning of december, there is a concentration of the surreal and nonconformist aesthetic of the Italian brand. Thanks to cult pieces such as Pratone® Forever, Broken Mirror, Metacactus or Bocca® Unlimited (in the Sky, Artic, Blue, Yellow, Pumpkin, Red, Walnut and Ivory versions).

The showroom for design collectors situated inside a traditional early 20th-century building and distributed over six floors is therefore transformed into a surrealistic square. And tells the public why the Gufram spirit, which has become synonymous with non-conformism, has created objects that have entered the collective imagination: products playful, subversive and irreverent with a Pop soul, deliberately conceived as ironic anti-design objects.

From the shop windows to the interior: nothing is as it seems in the amazing concept store. There is the Capitello, Attica and Attica TL lounge positioned in front of two arches, which transforms the spaces of Via Durini into a glimpse of Olympus. And there are the Cherry, Pumpkin and Yellow versions of Bocca® Unlimited, a versatile and mischievous pop icon, which are synonymous with comfort and softness but also with sensuality, becoming the ideal place for the most romantic rendez vous.

From mid-October, however, everything changes and then remains the same as before. The spaces close to the Duomo will in fact be the scenario for a new setting by Gufram. Other pieces from the collection will be exhibited, but the high level of irreverence will remain unchanged.