by Supertoys Supertoys, 2024

FLOWIE, designed by the Dutch-German artistic duo Supertoys Supertoys, is a soft polyurethane seat that collects the legacy of radical design. Known for the production of limited edition artistic furniture, Supertoys Supertoys finds in Gufram a perfect partner for a fantastic, playful and joyful project that is an ode to "daydreaming".

FLOWIE: an ode to daydreaming. 

FLOWIE has a hemispherical base with curved and reassuring lines that support the corolla of a stylized flower, like the one a child might draw.
Made of soft polyurethane, this pouf is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, making it a perfect choice for every season that passes.

This flower-like companion skillfully harmonizes its practical utility of being a seat with the addition of a capricious magic that fuels dreamers’ flights of fancy. It is no wonder its three available colors have such witty names: Sweet Pink, Sunny Peach, Smooth Pearl.