Torino, 02 - 06 / 2015

At the Museum Ettore Fico in Turin, from Saturday,  21 February to Sunday, 21 June, the exhibit Plastic Days will make plastic the interpretative key by which to retrace, in different macro-thematic areas, the social, cultural and economic changes that the introduction of this material has brought about.

About 600 objects, selected by the curators of the exhibit Cecilia Cecchini and Marco Pretoni, will act as landmarks though which the narrative and interpretative itinerary of the Plastic Days will be formulated. 

Gufram: the Innovation of the Made in Italy

Gufram will be present in the section dedicated to “The Innovation of the Made in Italy: from Moplen to the Golden Age of Design” with PRATONE, CAPITELLO and CACTUS – the products, now icons, with which, by pivoting on polyurethane foam, the historic company established in 1966 contributed to making the Made in Italy production a synonym and a symbol of revolutionary aesthetics for interior design.