Scarlet Splendour 
Kolkata, 11 / 2015

Scarlet Splendour, the luxury interior design brand exclusively brings Gufram, the Italian furniture company known for its quirky and pop designs, to India.

Gufram is an handcraft workshop that represents worldwide Italian creativity. With its experimentations tied to aesthetic, technological and materials research, it creates seats and furniture that have made the history of design and today are treasures of the most important museums around the world and the most original houses on the planet.


Since 1966 Gufram produces design icons that take form and value of uniqueness, thanks to the cross-contamination of industrial planning approach, artisanal creation and the creative inspiration typical of art.

Gufram represents therefore the explosive unconventional force of the Italian Radical Design concept, aesthetic, code and style. Speaking on the collaboration, Scarlet Splendour co founder Mr. Ashish Bajoria said, “We are delighted and proud to be Gufram’s exclusive partner in India. We simply love their heritage”.

Gufram says: ”Our effort to introduce a new domestic landscape throught our icons of design had finally find a perfect partner in India. We are thrilled to be involved in such a fresh and sensible luxury driven market.”