Milano, 04/2012

Milan, April 17-22, 2012 – Back at the Milan International Furniture Fair, Gufram soars to new heights, finds fresh force as one of Italy’s iconic brands, an excitingly imaginative name on the scene.

After acquiring the company in late November 2011, Sandra Vezza – a prominent figure in the Piemontese food industry – set her sights on achieving multiple goals. The enthusiastic new owner is embarking on a big relaunch, reasserting the brand’s core values and identity. Starting point for the process is the Milan Furniture Show, where once again Gufram is displaying all the expressive energy, originality and irony of its products.

At the exhibition stand in Milan the amazingly eclectic and playfully ironic collection comes to life in a world suspended between dream and reality where a huge Gufram logo serves to highlight visually the brand’s rebirth, a neutral setting to clearly let the pop art shapes and vivid colors steal the spotlight.

17.04.2012 - 22.04.2012
Gufram is back at the Milan International Furniture Fair

The idea is to spark a simple and immediate association between Gufram and the iconic items as the stand’s oneiric mood exalts the spirit of the brand.

The giant Gufram logo at the center makes for the perfect backdrop. Then for a final poetic touch the product captions head skyward revealing the number of limited edition “Multiples” still available.

The Metacactus coat rack by Drocco & Mello, the Pratone lounge element by Ceretti, Derossi & Rosso, the Bocca sofa and the Capitello armchair by Studio 65, the Sedilsasso seat and the Massolo table by Piero Gilardi, the Siedi-tee pouf by Fubini, Mansueto e Verrando and the Déjeuner sur l'arbre table by Gianni Arnaudo are all iconic Gufram creations. Produced in a limited numbered edition, today they signal the brand’s renaissance.