04 / 2017

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2017, Gufram is presenting Moschino kisses Gufram, a sensual and irreverent capsule collection of furnishings, implemented in cooperation with the top pop brand in the fashion world, Moschino.

Irony, humor, and provocation are elements that constitute the style of these two brands, which have managed to make the radical side of Italian creativity in the fields of design and fashion known worldwide, becoming icons of ground-breaking energy Made in Italy. 
MOSCHINO KISSES GUFRAM consists of four new icons.

The leading product in the capsule is the sensual Zipped Lips!, a special edition of the Bocca designed in 1970 by Studio65, influenced by the  inspiration of the creative director of Moschino, Jeremy Scott. A golden zipper holds together the lips of the sensual sofa, made of flexible polyurethane and overlaid with fiery red fabric, taking on a fetish pop touch that is a characteristic feature of the personal and rebellious mood of the fashion firm.

MOSCHINO KISSES GUFRAM consists of four new icons.

The name of the capsule highlights how the Zipped Lips! - produced in a limited edition of 99 items - is an emblematic representation of this cooperation: a passionate kiss between the two brands.

The Zipped Lips! is accompanied by three more products that show Gufram using  leather for the first time, without ever giving up on its radical approach.

The Biker cabinet is a  piece of furniture on wheels that revisits the shape of the iconic Moschino Biker bag, faithfully reproducing its studs, zippers, collar, and pockets; its glass shelves can accommodate the greatest variety of objects. The High Heels are two provocative low-cut high-heeled shoes made of black leather with gold-plated heels, hosting respectively an ottoman and three levels  of glass   shelves:  crazy   reinterpretations of a seat and a cabinet.

The Biker cabinet and the High Heels clearly confirm Gufram's willingness to play  with surprising us in terms of dimensions, making  surreal oversizing a distinctive aspect of his design.