SUPERGUFRAM feat. Studio Job

Basilea, 13-18 / 06 / 2017

Gufram celebrates its debut in the most sophisticated international design show - Design Miami / Basel - presenting SuperGufram, the brand’s new spin-off born to investigate the boundaries between industrial design and applied art in the twenty-first century. For its first outing, SuperGufram hosts a series of limited edition pieces by Studio Job, the craziest and most innovative design duo.  

SuperGufram aims at taking radical design a step forward.

Since 1966 Gufram has been a beacon of creativity for those designers eager to experiment and to overcome the limitations of traditional furniture. Today, after more than 50 years, the company is still committed to explore new possibilities in the domestic landscape thanks to its unparalleled know-how and the expertise of its craftsmen. SuperGufram is a tool in the hands of designers meant to discover the potentials of polyurethane foam mixed with other materials. Each SuperGuframexperience can comprise a solo show or a capsule collection of unique and / or very limited edition pieces of timeless design.

When asked to comment on this new project Studio Job said: “Super Smooth, Super Slick, Super Sexy, Super Smug, Super Studio Job. It's Super Gufram! Super Guframis the holy Grail of smooth monumental design.

Charley Vezza, Gufram’s Global Creative Orchestrator, says: “As crazy and cutting edge as Gufram can be, we as a design company have to face the harsh reality! We produce over-the-top domestic sculpture, but at the same time there is the need to design something which is technically reproducible. Our Iconical Collection is a series of limited editions but we have to make it work for a certain number of pieces. SuperGufram is our way to overcome yet another limitation. In this case, we can be free from any possible restriction, designers can unleash their most visionary ideas and the collections are precious gemstones, shapes which will become the new icons of radical design”.  

Studio Job’s relation with Gufram dates back to 2013 when the Globe cabinet made its way into Gufram’s collection. For Design Miami / Basel 2017 Job Smeets and NynkeTynagel conceived a series of limited edition pieces including a punching bag in an orange brick pattern, a cooking pot coffee table complete with its own steam, a wall divider made of four different elements referring to the unlikely bark of a specific tree, and a shiny globe stand.

And, as a homage to Globe, a new version was created: a moon-cupboard, inspired by the most romantic satellite, enriches the collection.

Studio Job, based in Antwerp and Amsterdam - plays in a unique way with the dichotomy of soft and hard, dream and reality, creating an unpredictable short-circuit of perceptions and expectations, walking along with the limitless experimentation that a material like polyurethane allows, which is actually the possibility to create anything.