@ Collectible / Brussels
March 7/11, 2018

Gufram is pleased to invite you to the new fair dedicated to 21st-century contemporary collectible design –COLLECTIBLE / Brussels–presenting SuperGufram, a series of limited edition pieces by Studio Job.

Since 1966 Gufram has been a beacon of creativity for those designers eager to experiment and to overcome the limitations of traditional furniture. SuperGufram is a tool in the hands of designers meant to discover the potentials of polyurethane foam mixed with other materials.Each SuperGufram experience comprise a capsule collection of unique and very limited edition pieces of timeless design.

Job Smeets on SuperGufram:Super Smooth, Super Slick, Super Sexy, Super Smug, Super Studio Job. It's Super Gufram! Super Gufram is the holy Grail of smooth monumental design.”

For SuperGufram Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagelconceived a series of limited edition pieces including a punching bag in an orange brick pattern, a cooking pot coffee table complete with its own steam, a wall divider made of four different elements referring to the unlikely bark of a specific tree, and a shiny globe stand. And, as a homage to Globe, a new version was created: a moon-cupboard, inspired by the most romantic satellite.