@ DESIGN MIAMI/ BASEL June 12/17, 2018

Gufram restless energy and joie de vivrecould not find a better way to explode during the 2018 Design Miami/ Basel.

Truly embedded in the historical pieces that the company has always presented in its trilling and colorful catalogues since the tumultuous and fascinating times of Italian Radical Design, this year Gufram makes everybody dance at Disco Gufram, its own visionary disco. Yes, please come and enjoy this ultimate extravaganza by Charley Vezza– owner, soul of Gufram and a master himself in enjoying life – and check how a symbolic place as the discotheque, a space so intertwined with our pop culture since the mid 1960’s, can be re-thought, re-shaped by contemporary objects, to combine past and present.

 With Disco Gufram the Italian brand pushes the limits of furniture to offer us an energetic, kaleidoscopic, and enthusiastic experience. With Disco Gufram, every floor can be a dance floor and every room can be a ball room.

Back in the days, Gufram produced an entire collection of extravagant seating for what we call today “the spaces of freedom”, and for this new adventure has invited three groups of creative minds – Italian Atelier Biagetti (Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari), Dutch ROTGANZEN (Robin Stam and Joeri Horstink) and French GGSV (Gaëlle Gabillet & Stéphane Villard) – to create its own surreal disco, in the heart of Milan.