DISCO GUFRAM @ Designjunction

September 20th - 23rd, 2018 OXO | Doon Street | Riverside London

Disco Gufram presents its elegant and stylish “disco feeling” at Designjunction, the most innovative showcase in London during one of the most cutting-edge and cosmopolitan design weeks. From September 20th to September 23rd, 2018 the visitors of the fair will be able to experience an immersive environment which echoes an actual discotheque, a space so intertwined with our pop culture since the mid 1960’s re-thought and re-shaped by Gufram, the most pop international design brand which, back in the days, had already produced an entire collection of extravagant seating for what we call today “the spaces of freedom”.

The set-up is an actual VIP-lounge area which is bot exclusive and accessible to the public: a DJ set will be active for the whole duration of the fair as well as site specific videos which will highlight the disco atmosphere.

The task of rethinking disco furniture in the most contemporary fashionhas been entrusted to three groups of creative minds: Italian Atelier Biagetti (Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari) worked on an extensive collection of sofas, Dutch ROTGANZEN (Robin Stam and Joeri Horstink) designed a series of innovative and impressive cabinets and French GGSV (Gaëlle Gabillet & Stéphane Villard) produced a series of rugs. With Disco Gufram the dance floor enters the domestic spaces.