Inaugurated in April 2019, the Italian Design Museum of Triennale Milan, with the Artistic Direction of Joseph Grima, presents itself for the first time in a permanent exhibition. The Museum houses a selection of the most iconic and representative pieces of Italian design, part of the 1,600 objects in the Triennale Collection.

The exhibition aims at giving maximum emphasis to the works and provides insights into the history and context in which each object was designed, through the display of mostly previously unpublished materials from the Triennale Archives: photographs, advertising campaigns, original packaging.

Gufram is present at the exhibition with some of the most significant examples of radical design, produced since 1966: domestic sculptures capable of interpreting a point of contact between the world of art and that of design. From the couch Bocca to the chaise longue Pratone; from the clothes stand Rossocactus, the stackable chair Canguro, the chaise longue Capitello, to the iconic Sassi, exhibited for the first time at the Milan Triennale in 1968 and the armchair Detecma, the first furniture designed using an electronic calculator.