Kris Rush

Limited Edition 1 / 50

Untitled is the continuation of the intense relationship between art and design that has always seen Gufram in a special place.

Designed by artist Kris Ruhs and inspired by weathering steel sculptures, Untitled is a modular decor item as well as a sculpture in soft polyurethane covered in Guflac - the special paint invented by the brand, thanks to which it is possible to make polyurethane foam look like leather, making it resistant but maintaining its softness.

The look is that of “true-fake”
rusted iron
with a soft soul

 It is thanks to Guflac, that also permits its use outdoors, that we can create the rusted iron effect, which is the essence of Ruhs's works. The finish has the same randomness of rust and is made by hand with 8 layers of colour.

Presented for the first time at Galleria Carla Sozzani, on the occasion of the exhibit "50 years of design against the tide", Untitled is a unique item because each piece is different from another.

Sculpture in soft polyurethane finished with Guflac® Ultra.
Suitable also for outdoor use.