Marion Baruch

Ron Ron is to all intents and purposes an inanimate pet animal that can show lots of affection and keep lots and lots of company. Hence the name, which recalls the sound of purring. This pouf / non-pouf has a soft soul of polyurethane foam which is upholstered with a cloth that is perfectly similar to soft fur. The zoomorphic look is complemented by a tail: careful not to pull at it, or Ron Ron will get annoyed! 

It is the only furry object
in the Gufram catalogue,
you can hug it,
or you can sit on it

Created by the multifaceted artist Marion Baruch at the beginning of the Seventies, Ron Ron comes in the Gufram Catalogue thanks to a work of preservation of the memory of radical design: as a matter of fact, not only is the purpose of the brand to create new interior decor with a pop and radical spirit, but also to re-edit long forgotten projects that have however made history for this clearheadedly lunatic movement. 

Exhibited in some of the most important museums in the world, and auctioned in the most famous auction houses, Ron Ron goes back to its original life as a mascot and brightens with its sly presence our moments of domestic relaxation. 

It is neither a good nor a bad animal.
Its user defines its character

Object of company in soft polyurethane upholstered with premium eco-fur.