Ceretti / Derossi / Rosso

A square meter of English-style lawn comes into your house and becomes an armchair with a decidedly English taste in a pop key. Wimbledon recalls the most classical atmosphere of British decor with a contemporary and amusing twist, which is as unexpected and "out-of-the-box" as it is typical Gufram.

Already with its name does this armchair state its intentions: the seat is covered with soft green cloth that recalls the lawn of the most famous tennis court in the world; on the seat is a sinuous and ergonomic backrest covered with floral cloth, like those that characterize the sitting rooms of the English countryside. 

The seat represents exactly
1 sq.m. piece of lawn
of the Wimbledon tennis court

What is particular about this backrest is that it has a handle, so that it can be moved freely in different positions; moreover it has no constraint because it is attached to the seat through a brush that creates friction so as to tightly anchor the two elements.

Wimbledon is a small modular and adaptable couch, a decor which is an ironic and hyperbolic statement, and is at the same time ergonomic and comfortable; it is the revolutionary reinterpretation of the most bourgeois English establishment.

Seat of soft polyurethane upholstered with printed fabric and premium eco-fur.
Stainless steel legs.