Studio 65 + MOSCHINO

Limited Edition 1 / 99

Moschino kisses Gufram is made out of three new iconic products. Zipped Lips! is a special edition of the couch Bocca - designed in 1970 by Studio65 - which is contaminated by the imagination of Moschino’s creative director, Jeremy Scott. It is a golden zipper that holds shut the lips of the sensual couch - made of flexible polyurethane and upholstered with fire-red fabric - that in this way takes on a fetish pop touch, which is characteristic of the personal and unpredictable mood of this fashion house. 

Jeremy Scott,
the brand’s art director,
is a great fan of Gufram’s

Zipped Lips! comes with two more products that see Gufram take on the use of leather for the first time, without ever renouncing its radical approach.

Biker Cabinet is a cabinet on wheels that captures the forms of the iconic Biker Bag by Moschino; it faithfully reproduces its studs, zippers, collar, and pockets. Its glass shelves can hold the most diverse objects.

Couch in soft polyurethane upholstered in eco-leather and golden details.