by Job Smeets

The collaboration between Gufram, the Italian design brand recognised throughout the world for its pop and radical approach, and the National Alba White Truffle Fair Organization, continues the great success of last year in 2021.

 Once again as part of Alba White Truffle Kit initiative – which every year invites a company to design and manufacture a product for truffles, Gufram presents a new limited edition of the GIACOMO truffle brush, conceived with the disruptive creativity of Job Smeets, an artist and designer whose creative output is characterised by a visionary experimentation capable of transcending disciplines.

 Adding to the first version of GIACOMO – a sculpted nose with a 24-carat finish made by master goldsmiths using the most innovative techniques of high-end jewellery – is thus the GIACOMO Black Edition, available in only 100 exemplars.

 The surface of this new edition has a finish made using galvanically treated ruthenium (a highly rare and resistant metal), while the encrusted brush – designed following the performance principles popularised by the Centro Nazionale Studi Tartufo (National Centre for the Study of Truffles) features completely black horsehair bristles.


Job Smeets, an avant-garde and counter-current creative, has chosen the iconic image of the “nose” to evoke, on the one hand, an olfactory experience that, anticipating the pleasure of tasting, is the very essence of the Alba White Truffle itself, and on the other, to pay homage to the flair of Giacomo Morra, recognised creator of the Alba White Truffle Fair and promoter of its success all over the world. GIACOMO is thus not just any nose but that of Giacomo Morra himself, which, through the meticulous research of archive photos, has been redesigned in its configuration and reproduced as exemplars of the brush.

 This project once again underscores the revolutionary energy of Gufram, its ability to experiment without limits in a fully radical spirit, bringing together a strongly international vocation and an indissoluble connection with the specificity of the territory to which it belongs.