Hangzhou - CHINA | Gufram Collectors

Gufram Collectors takes you all around the world to visit some of the most amazing homes which showcase our domestic sculptures.

We will interview one of our collectors to discover how they fell in love with the brand, where our pieces are placed inside their homes and their relations with our Radical Design past and present icons.

 Lei Yu is an interior designer and founder of the fashion brand iisutas. He is also a collector of fashion toys, contemporary paintings and sculptures, design furniture and design electronic pieces as well as luxury bags and shoes.


The interview

  • When was the first time you have been in touch with Gufram and what did you think when you saw its pieces?

The first time I saw a Gufram piece was in an interview to the Japanese DJ and record producer Nigo, 10 or 12 years ago…I don’t really remember the exact year. I saw a picture of him jumping in the green Pratone he had in the house and I was so curious about how it felt like. I did not know the manufacturer of the piece, at that time; I just had the info on the name written on the bottom of the piece on the side. So, I looked on Ebay but I couldn’t find anything. I actually had no idea it was a piece of furniture, I really thought it was a piece of art…a sculpture.


  • How many pieces you have now and which is your favourite? And which is the last one you added to the collection?

I never really counted how many pieces I have, I guess 10 or 15…but I think I have all the Gufram classic products. My favourite is the Pratone, maybe because is the first one I saw. I like its design: it is not very practical, but it looks good anyways!

The last one I bought is a set of Softcrete sofa and I really think it is one of the most comfortable pieces in my whole collection. It is hard for people to believe it, if you just see the photos on the net; most people would think is made of a solid material but it is not. It is a sofa and very comfortable. You would not notice unless you touch it or sit on it.

Gufram exclusive distributor for mainland China, Honk Kong and Macao is Global Design Distribution.

  • Gufram pieces are described as “domestic sculptures”: they are amazing to look at, but they also have a use. Do you actually use any of them?

Really good question, but the answer is no. I do not use them so much, actually I do not use them at all! They are like sculptures in my place, in fact I don’t allow people to touch them without gloves, but it is just my personal preference. The thing is I do not live in that apartment, the place is just to show my collection.


  • In the overall look of your home, how do the Gufram pieces relate to the rest of your furniture or art works? Are they in contrast or do they mingle?

To me all of them are art pieces, although I think they also represent the fashion trends and they link very well with the rest of my collection.


  • What is the reaction of your friends and visitors the first time they saw your Gufram collection?What was the most funny thing that happened?

Many of my friends were puzzled initially, when they saw these pieces. They did not know what they were and they were all very surprised when I told them these are actual piece of furniture. The funniest thing that usually happens is related to the Pratone: when they see it they start walking round and round and cannot figure out what it is; then I jumped into it to solve the mistery!


  • Has any Gufram piece ever entered in your dreams?

You have a really good sense of humor…but no. Maybe one day…