WOW! It's a mini GOD!

The cactus with eggs imagined by TOILETPAPER, has joined the Guframini world!

Gufram, the Italian design brand that has always stood out for its radical and irreverent spirit, presents the new Guframini GOD, a miniature version of one of its most iconic collaborations with TOILETPAPER, the editorial project founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Born from a photoshoot TOILETPAPER organized for the Deste Foundation, GOD is a pagan idol that derives from the union of Cactus – designed by Drocco and Mello in 1972 – and the egg-cushions of La Cova, the giant polyurethane nest designed by Gianni Ruffi in 1973.

 Gufram has shrunk GOD by a ratio of 1:8 transforming it into an impertinent miniature, thus enriching the Guframini collection which already includes timeless icons such as Cactus®, Bocca®, and Pratone®.

Guframini’s GOD, like all Guframini pieces, is made using molds that faithfully reproduce the original version: the polyurethane foam is injected into the pre-painted form in order to obtain a unique piece that uses an innovative and avant-garde original process that preserves the same softness, the same colours and the same details as the original full-size version of GOD.

Add it to your Guframini collection!


The miniature Cactus, featuring the same tone of green which characterizes GOD, includes all of the 2,165 bumps that decorate the stem and arms of this dreamlike coat-rack; the two eggs, which in the original version are covered with fabric, are instead made using an injection of polyurethane and are then finished off by hand.

Its crazy and impactful aesthetic saw it transformed into a giant inflatable sculpture that sailed along the canals of Venice during the Venice Art Biennale 2015, and now, with the Guframini version of GOD, this cheeky new deity dares to go in the opposite direction with regard to size, with the aim of contaminating domestic spaces with its revolutionary aesthetic.