Gufram is proud to announce a new addition to the Guframini family, the special collection of miniatures celebrating the brand’s most recognisable icons.

The last piece to be miniaturised is the Broken Mirror, whose original version has been launched in 2017 and designed by the Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arsham, the masterminds behind New York Studio Snarkitecture. 

Broken Mirror represents an actual milestone in Gufram’s production: on one hand it has been the first ever piece designed for them by Snarkitecture, one of the most interesting contemporary radical practices; on the other hand, it was the first mirror ever to enter Gufram’s catalogue. An object that does not neglect its functional purpose, Broken Mirror enriches and transforms it, becoming a piece of art and going beyond the boundaries of the correspondence between form and function.

Born from the encounter between the aim for experimentation of Gufram and Snarkitecture, who investigates the boundaries between art and architecture with the same curiosity of the first Italian radical designers, the Broken Mirror takes the form of a breach in the wall, a crack that reflects the space that surrounds it, but at the same time creates an alienating optical effect, as if the room is opened to another dimension.

Snarkitecture played ironically with the idea of ambiguity by relying on the concept of "soft/not soft"; mimic concrete using polyurethane, Gufram’s material par excellence. To achieve the texture of the concrete wall, Gufram’s special patented paint, Guflac®, is applied entirely by hand, enabling the polyurethane to maintain its elasticity, and to experience unique aesthetic experimentations. Exactly as the real-size Broken Mirror, the new Guframini piece is made of polyurethane foam obtaining a unique piece with the same softness, same colours and same details of the original size keeping also its function, as it can be used as a portable mirror.

The new Guframini Broken Mirror is available in two colours: Black and White, an icon of Radical Contemporary Design in 1:8 scale.

Guframini includes: Cactus®, Bocca®, Pratone®, GOD and the miniature version of the Shroom CACTUS® by A$AP Rocky.
Size doesn't always matter!