Gufram once again transcends conventional design boundaries with the Almost Black and Almost White Broken Mirrors, the latest versions of this avant-garde masterpiece crafted by the New York-based duo Snarkitecture. The Broken Mirror, initially introduced by Gufram in 2017, is now presented in two new colors and a distinct texture, available in a limited edition of 777 pieces.

Far beyond being a simple mirror, the Broken Mirror symbolizes a rebirth of artistic expression. Featuring an unconventional concrete-like texture, the Almost Black and Almost White editions are infused with new, exclusive shades developed by Gufram. These colors, meticulously crafted and exclusive to this project, underscore Gufram's unwavering commitment to originality. The Almost White exudes purity and minimalist sophistication, while the Almost Black radiates mystery and boldness.

With the Broken Mirror, Gufram and Snarkitecture have reimagined the commonplace mirror, transforming it into a captivating work of art that challenges perceptions and invites viewers into a world of surreality.

The Broken Mirror is not merely a reflection; it transforms into an immersive work of art when encased in its soft polyurethane frame. This creation creates the illusion of a portal-like break in the wall, challenging conventional boundaries of form and function.

This groundbreaking mirror is the result of the first collaboration between Gufram and Snarkitecture, led by artist Daniel Arsham and architect Alex Mustonen. Drawing inspiration from the collaborative spirit of Italian radical designers of the Seventies, the Broken Mirror explores the intersection of art and architecture with shared curiosity and an experimental spirit. Handcrafted with meticulous care, the "broken" polyurethane frame surrounding the mirror ensures each Broken Mirror in the new 2024 series carries a subtly distinct concrete-like texture. Gufram's patented Guflac paint achieves this wall like texture, applied entirely by hand, providing a uniquely detailed texture while maintaining elasticity for unparalleled aesthetic experimentation.