Milano, 04 / 2014

2013 was the year in which Gufram started anew with new and original products created by Fabio Novembre, Denis Santachiara, Donegani & Lauda and Valerio Berruti. This year we extended the invitation to enter the surreal playground of anti-design to other Italian designers and artists, as well as foreign designers, who have always loved Gufram.

The theme of the Salone 2014 was to ask designers to confront themselves with Gufram’s sacrilegious irony, to take their ideas to the limit, and to play with the material and industrial and artisanal technologies which identify its production. Flexible expanded polymers and the Guflac finish were the starting point for everybody. The creative itinerary has led Gufram to research new applications and manners of experimentation, coming to unexpected landing points.

This is how new follies and original tactile and visual products were born - characteristics that have always made Gufram’s products different and original in the multi-coloured world of interior design.


Salone del Mobile 2014 - What’s NEW!?
Play with us!

Poltrona by Alessandro Mendini:
The meeting that finally took place 40 years after the first considerations between the architect and our company has created Poltrona, a seat with sharp-cornered absolute forms, decorated in fake marble, skilfully replicated by hand. A podium, a forbidding throne disguised by the beauty of polished stone, that may look heavy and hard, but that at the touch reveals its texture as a soft and cosy thinking place. Exactly as our favourite armchair should be.

Hortensia by Marcel Wanders:
Hortensia is a soft sculpture in polyurethane foam, designed to be admired from any direction. It is a colourful island that turns into a visual poem, by representing a reassuring and at the same time delicate place to be on. Intended as a seat for one or more people, this large flowery ottoman can be experienced as a place for relax, or as an evocative surreal setting in the domestic landscape.

Bounce by Karim Rashid:
We have always felt the lack of a chair in Gufram’s catalogue; creating it in terms akin to the playful aesthetics which is typical of the brand, and using expanded and flexible polymers, was a difficult challenge that Karim Rashid completed with a brilliant project. Bounce is the new icon of Pop Fuctionalism. As a matter of fact, each chair can be custom assembled, playing with infinite chromatic possibilities.

Softcrete by Ross Lovegrove:
Softcrete is the name of the modular couch which creates a sitting room outside the box, able to demolish the belief that concrete is a hard material with a cold soul. The new recliner, added this year to complete the abacus of possible combinations, is made, as the other elements, in polyurethane foam with Guflac finish. The particular texture replicates exposed concrete surfaces. With Softcrete, Ross Lovegrove defines a new and fascinating short circuit in design.

Detecma by Tullio Regge:
In 1967 Professor Tullio Regge, one of the most influential scientists of the XX century, transformed a mathematical equation into an ergonomic volume of interior design, and called it Detecma as an acronym for Design, Technique and Mathematics. This innovation was devastating and anticipatory for the time. As a matter of fact, only decades later computers began to be used for three-dimensional planning. Gufram celebrates this exceptional revolution by reproducing the recliner Detecma in six new versions with brilliant gradient colours.

Globe by Studio Job:
Custom-made with the indefatigable travellers around the world in mind, Globe is the first container to become a part of Gufram’s Multiples collection. Studio Job, created by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, has conceived of this closet isolating the softness of the polyurethane foam globe set at the heart of the project. The surprise effect is even stronger and more intense. Globe is a hidden chest where you can guard your sharpest memories, and the most tangible souvenirs of your travels at the four corners of the earth.