Parigi, 22-26 january 2016 
Sector: NOW / Hall: 7 / Stand: C140 - D139

Gufram, the most irreverent Italian pop design brand, is back in Paris for MAISON&OBJET, from January 22 to 26, 2016.

The Parisian fair, a leading international event for buyers, professionals, and design enthusiasts, is an ideal occasion for the brand to continue the celebration of its 50th anniversary and preview a new special edition of the iconic and irreverent Pratone seat.

The booth in Paris will also be graced by limited gold editions of the Bocca sofa and THE END 1516 seat, designed by Toiletpaper, both realised to enhance this important celebration which will go on for the whole 2016. Finally, Gufram's irreverent pop spirit will be underlined by the presence of several products from the Functional Pop collection, the catalog that gathers the projects for a more “traditional” use in the house.

"The Pratone was completely frozen! A wonderful, unique, and otherwise unrepeatable white."


Radical project and symbol of the anti-design cultural revolution, created in 1971 by Giorgio Ceretti, Pietro Derossi, and Riccardo Rosso, Pratone is presented in a new white version. The Nordic Pratone, with a limited edition production of 50 pieces, makes its contribution to the series of special projects from Gufram for the occasion of its fiftieth birthday.

Why white?  Charley Vezza, Global Creative Orchestrator of Gufram, answers: "We reflected a lot on the trend of Scandinavian design and asked ourselves how we might try to interpret it as well, despite being poles apart - cheeky and irreverent pop... Believing we might recreate the basic conditions for Nordic creativity, we squeezed into a freezer to think. I think we suffered the same cold as at those latitudes, but we didn't have any ideas. Something did happen though: the Pratone was completely frozen! A wonderful, unique, and otherwise unrepeatable white. Voilà - the Nordic Pratone, Gufram's first and last Scandinavian product."

Sinking into the long, soft stems of this unconventional seat is possible thanks to the special material that composes its parts. Made, in fact, with flexible polyurethane foam and finished entirely by hand, Pratone is then covered in Guflac, a special coating designed by Gufram that simultaneously allows the softness of this material to be preserved and a wider variety of finishes to be created. It is the elasticity of this material that makes Pratone an object of momentary, playful, unprecedented individual and collective relaxation.