Milan, 13 / 04 / 2016 
Milano Design Week

On the occasion of Salone del Mobile 2016, Seletti, the most ironic and irreverent Italian design brand, presents the first DESIGN PRIDE:
after having liven-up Piazza Affari during the last two years – also transforming the space in an amusement park with bumper cars –, this year the design is celebrated with a pop parade of floats, music and dancing, a real Carnival of design.

Wednesday, April 13, from 7:30 pm, the procession will start from Piazzale Cadorna (corner via Minghetti) crossing the district of 5 VIE to finally end its route in Piazza  Affari with celebrations open to the public, organized by Disaronno for the launch of their new collectible jar made in collaboration with the famous designers  Studio Job. 

Lending a hand in the colorful DESIGN PRIDE parade led by Seletti and Disaronno there will be: Gufram, the most pop brand of Italian design, Pepsi with a project by Fabio Novembre, Radio Deejay which will make all the public dance with its never ending music, the image-only magazine Toiletpaper, born from the genius of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Many designers will also parade, among other: Amebe, Antonio Aricò, BBMDS, Valentina Carretta, Cristina Celestino, CTRLZAK, Umberto Dattola, Ilaria Innocenti, Emanuele Magini, Piano B, Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, Elena Salmistraro, Studio Badini, Studio Nichetto, Giò Tirotto, Alessandro Zambelli, Zaven.

Stefano Seletti, Art Director of the design firm: "Design is democracy, freedom, joy; that's why we want to celebrate it with a PRIDE that involves the designers, the brands, bringing them even closer to the people. The party is open to everyone, young, old, children: in short, anyone who wants to celebrate the freedom to experiment, to develop their ideas, even when they seem crazy to most - an ode to diversity, independence of thought, creativity".

The design floats, accompanied by banners, music and dance, will parade through the city, animating its streets and inviting everyone to join this big party.

The DESIGN PRIDE project is part of "5 VIE art + design," sponsored by the City of Milan, thanks to which the oldest and most historically rich zone of Milan transforms into a new district projected for design and innovation.

Seletti opens the procession with the celebration of some of its most iconic collections and Cattelan's "middle finger" - now a souvenir, thanks to the brand, which has reproduced the sculpture in miniature versions, alongside carillon and boule de neige. Other floats will follow dedicated to the company's best selling products: FONTS, the lighting and non-lighting alphabets, will celebrate the launch of LETTERS, first e-commerce of the brand; while the ironic world of Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba will invade the parade with its projects inspired by nature like the Monkey Lamps and the furniture Sending Animals both produced by Seletti

Disaronno, ever attentive to the latest trends, contributes with the presentation of its collectible jar in a limited edition of 5.000 pieces made in collaboration with the duo Studio Job. The Disaronno jar – a homage to the custom of the '20 during Prohibition to serve cocktails in glass jars to camouflage its content – is dressed in the typical Studio Job pattern where contrasting symbols, like the rose and the pistol, the heart and skull, blend. 

Paolo Dalla Mora, Global Communication Director of Disaronno: "Disaronno has been part of the 'big family' of Piazza degli Affari for three years now, and this time it's celebrating design in collaboration with the ne plus ultra of international design, Studio Job, who has designed us an unmissable collectible jar, turning it into a true object of worship. After the parade, we are pleased to invite the public of Design Week to Piazza Affari to celebrate late into the night and enjoy a Disaronno Sour."

The party continues with Gufram which will travel the city streets presenting P.A.T.H.S., Pop Advanced Transportation Holystic System, with its unmistakable irony: a project that goes beyond not only the classic modes of transportation: by air, by sea and by land — but also Elon Musk’s Hyperloop which will enable us to travel within its capsules at the speed of sound. Thus, while until now all the research on transportation has focused on technology, efficiency and speed, Gufram, with its alternative and pop mobility system, has decided to dedicate itself to the true wishes of people, even while traveling: to distinguish oneself from others. With Gufram, which for fifty years has given life to objects so unique as to become icons, this ambitious project becomes reality thanks to DESIGN PRIDE.

With this new collaboration, Pepsi and Fabio Novembre play with the theme of Emojis and combine these icons’ whimsical expressiveness with the classic design of Nemo chairs.The unexpected result, celebrating the mood of the event and Pepsi's new global campaign and visual vocabulary, conveys all the positivity of the American brand reinterpreted with irony and Italian style.

Loud music from the multicolored float of Radio Deejay will inspire the parade audience in all-out dancing without interruption led by dj Shorty.

Finally, Toiletpaper will infect the DESIGN PRIDE with his irreverent black humour, creating a “Jungle” style float-installation.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016, from 7:30 pm to midnight
Design Pride: starting point Piazzale Cadorna (corner via Minghetti), 7.30 pm
Party Piazza Affari: from 9 pm until midnight