Maze of Quotes - ART BASEL

Miami, 12 / 2016

TOILETPAPER presents Maze of Quotes, a site-specific project conceived for the Fondation Beyeler at Art Basel in Miami Beach from December 1–4, 2016.

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, in collaboration with the Italian design brands Gufram and Seletti, transformed the Fondation Beyeler’s entire exhibition space into three distinct settings.


Elaborately wallpapered and fully furnished, Maze of Quotes presents a lavish, fantastical environment of consumerism and sexuality, from chandeliers and toilets to gold drapes and tin pots.

The creative genius of Cattelan and Ferrari has found in Gufram an outstanding partner to produce unconventional furniture, reinterpreting the irreverent pop spirit of radical design in a contemporary key. The set-up involves SOAP, GOD, and THE END, three limited edition pieces that have become icons of the brand’s production.