Milano, 04/2013

Gufram is a company that represents a big trademark in the history of Italian design, and whose “pop” pieces from its historical catalogue (the couch Bocca, Pratone, the mythical Cactus coat stand, etc. etc.) are kept in the world’s most important museums. After the takeover at the beginning of 2012, Gufram sets sail towards new routes with a collection that keeps the tiller straight, with the same attitude that is the brand’s distinguishing trait.

Gufram has produced design icons that have taken the form and quality of aesthetic uniqueness, thanks to the cross-contamination of industrial design approach, artisanal production, and the creative flair typical of art itself.

Ironico, Iconico, Gufram!


Critique and collectors have defined them as design products with a Pop soul, or as Rock objects purposefully conceived as Anti-Design elements – revolutionary symbols of a breach from customary interior design models.

Definitions, though, are not as important; to Gufram what counts is the commitment to preserve the attitude of subtle irony, that has always been part of its DNA, and that it shares with the designers with whom it collaborates, their appraisers, and everybody willing to be engaged in this original and surreal concept of domestic landscape.